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2nd March 2020
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12th March 2020

Are you business ready for an epidemic!

Is your business ready for a pandemic

More than 80,000 people in China are confined to and have been infected with the coronavirus since its discovery in the city of Wuhan, Hubei province, in December

Coronavirus has infected about 100,000 people across the rest of the globe, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) figures.

The disease is spreading further afield, -Italy now has the highest number of confirmed cases outside China at 7,375, and its death toll rose from 133 on Sunday to 366.

Governments across Europe are stepping up preparations, as more cases are detected.

With 280 people diagnosed with Covid-19 in the UK, the government are looking to mitigate the risk.

The UK’s Chief medical officer says it is ‘likely’ coronavirus will become epidemic in the UK.

Boris Johnson announced last week that home working would be a key plank of his ‘Battleplan’ to Combat Coronavirus

The good news for many businesses is that technology has evolved so much in recent years that working remotely doesn’t necessarily have to impact output, and some experts say that working from home can even increase productivity.

With the advent of voice technology such as SIP enabling you to be an extension of your company phone system regardless of location. Microsoft Office 365 which includes Teams, Azure and many other add ons giving individuals the ability to work from anywhere seamlessly, accessing files, collaborating with shared workspaces plus many more features. A layered approach to security protecting your organisation individually and at company level.

These solutions are well placed to work for any type of organisation both private and public sector.

Now could be the time to review your upcoming projects and assessing which staff could work from home in the event of a nationwide outbreak ensuring continuity of your business.

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