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16th September 2016
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Are hackers tricking their way into your business?

halloweenWith Halloween almost upon us, many are thinking of what tricks and treats to play.  The hackers are no different, and they may have your employees helping them, without your business realising.

Most employees have a mobile phone.  If it is used for both business and personal needs, chances are the personal activities, such as games and apps can offer hackers a way into your company data.

Consider the apps on your phone, how many have access to the camera, to data, to location and to contacts?  All of this information once shared with apps can be accessed by the unscrupulous, and we can make it even easier if we have the same log in and passwords details for home and business activities.

It is believed that most businesses do not know which apps employees have loaded on their phones and whether these apps are accessing data.  Cyber security experts say this is a ‘mission-critical’ problem.  We have all seen the news of security breaches at the global technology companies and estimates of the financial and reputational damage it has done them.  The consequences for any business of any size could be just as catastrophic.

At HBT we take data security seriously.  Our telephony offerings make it easy and cost effective for businesses to offer employees mobile phones just for work, reducing the risk of data breaches from shared devices.

If you want to offer the best mobile technology to your employees and minimise the risk of data breaches, contact HBT for your free cyber security and telephony review. 

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