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Advice to Schools and Colleges on Handling Bomb Threats

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The current threat level for terrorism for the UK is assessed to be severe and this has triggered an lady on phoneincrease in the number of schools across the UK receiving bomb threats. Most of these threats are communicated over the phone and the Government has recently issued guidance to education establishments on how to handle these threatening phone calls, the majority of which turn out to be malicious hoax calls.

The intention of these phone calls is to cause alarm and panic and it’s important that your staff are fully trained on what to do to minimise distress.

Government recommendations when you receive a bomb threat phone call:
1. Stay calm and listen

2. Obtain as much information as you can. This needs to include the location of the device, the timing of the alleged bomb and who the caller represents. Try and keep the caller talking as long as possible.

3. Initiate call recording software if possible

4. Once the call is ended try and find the caller’s number – through caller display or by dialling 1471.

5.Immediately report the incident to the person in charge of security so they can decide on the best course of action. If you can’t get hold of anyone, call 999 and contact the police yourself. Give the police as much information as possible and include an exact account of the conversation and your impression of the caller

6. If it’s not been possible to record the phone call make detailed notes about what was said.

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HBT Communications provides telephone solutions to schools across Coventry and the Midlands. Our telephone systems are designed on a school by school basis to ensure that the communication solution is exactly what you need. We always recommend implementing a call recording facility, to protect staff and your school in the event of any situations of conflict or threats.

For a free review of your school phone system, please contact us via the website or
call us on 02476 867 422.

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