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26th February 2020
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Advantages of CRM Phone System Integration for Business

Integrating your multiple communication channels can provide a far more efficient and seamless experience for your customers, staff and suppliers.


The advancements in technology mean that it is a must that your telephone system and CRM speak to each other enabling your business to:


  • Automatically produces customer records for efficiency
  • Address problems rather than finding out who you are speaking to
  • Incorporate and merge information from other software and sources on the same screen.


CRM and phone integration can benefit your organisation with the following:


  1. Call from your screen with a click to call functionality without the need to move to a different screen increasing productivity.


  1. Employees can access the company’s CRM anytime from anywhere


  1. Automated tracking with the CRM-phone integration, information such as date and time of the call, name of the caller and even location of the caller will be entered automatically. With this information, you’ll be able to know your customers, track their interaction with your business, and address their needs


  1. Real-time data: whenever and wherever a customer calls; all CRM notes, previous client interactions and every other important information about a client are automatically pulled up. This enables your employees to build rapport with customers.


  1. Ability to record your conversations with customers. This can help in measuring the quality of the service provided by employees and with the training and development of staff.


  1. Data ensures you are informed about who you are speaking to and their previous interactions with your organisation.

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