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27th October 2016
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26th January 2017

7 Budget planning tips for your IT and Telecoms for 2017


Do you need to look at reducing your overheads in 2017? Read our top tips on how your can reduce 2017your IT and Telecoms costs.

1. Consider moving to a hosted phone system and benefit from a zero phone billing solution and this includes call to mobiles.

2. Explore hosted IT applications to avoid expensive and disruptive software upgrades. Cloud applications are continually kept up to date. This also saves on hardware costs and maintenance

3. Implement an energy saving policy and encourage staff to switch off equipment at night and enable automatic sleep mode if computers are unused for 10 minutes.

4. Look out for upgrade deals such as HBT’s free handset offer. This allows you to improve your phone system with NO capital outlay.

5. Cashback deals are available to give you money back on your old equipment, so don’t assume that upgrading means you have to just throw your old equipment away.


6. Review your mobile phone bills – being tied in to a long-term contract and mandatory phone upgrades are becoming a thing of the past. Look out for flexible sim-only business mobile packages. HBT works closely with a number of leading mobile networks and is able to provide sim-only, roaming network packages that won’t tie you down and give you value for money.


7. Don’t just stick with what you know / your current supplier, moving providers is much easier than you think so shop around for the best deal for your business. A new year is a fresh start and a chance to take a step back and review your costs.


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