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9th March 2020
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22nd March 2020

5 Things to Consider when Implementing a Work from Home Policy

Working from home

The UK government is advising that those with flu and cold symptoms self-isolate and work from home. There is also a prediction that coronavirus cases could peak within the next 2 weeks.


Employers need to consider how to implement a work from home plan if they haven’t already put one in place.


Below are the key things we recommend you consider when implementing a work from home policy.


  1. Assess which of your staff could work from home – this is a key task as some staff may not be able to work from home such as a factory manager or warehouse staff. Finance staff, internal sales staff, technical could be well placed to transition to a home environment.


  1. What tools would they require – for example a handset, screen, files, video facilities? It is key to have this in place when looking at a work from home strategy. With the ability to have voice over the internet and cloud storage, working from home can be seamless with an internet connection. Worst case scenario if your employee doesn’t have an internet connection you could use a dongle or use mobile data as a hotspot.


  1. Creating that collaborative environment online – with technology such as Microsoft Teams you are able to collaborate in shared workspaces, chat and make video calls to ensure that remote employees are still part of an office environment.


  1. Monitoring staff – this a key question for employers and managers. With modern technology you can see a colleague’s availability, there are also features such as call recording, call stats i.e. missed, answered and dialled calls.


  1. Security – staff working from home may need to access confidential data such as financials or customer information. It is fundamental that all data is securely backed up and has the right credentials. We recommend a multi-layered approach to security – such as network security from home to the server, endpoint and multi-factor at the device level.


With the advancement of technology, individuals can work seamlessly from anywhere at the click of a button. It is fundamental that employers take a full breadth approach to any work from home policy ensuring staff have the tools and environment they require.


For more information or advice please speak to us today to look at the best option for your business.

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