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16th May 2016
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27th June 2016

Why we love Swyx…


At HBT we sell a variety of systems to suit the particular needs of our customers. At present we find we are recommending SWYX in over 50% of the quotes we produce.


In our opinion, SWYX is one of the best and most adaptable solutions in the market place for a growing small or medium enterprise (SME). SYWX offers all the features you would expect from a standard telephone system

  • Multiple extensions and switchboard optionsSwyx by HBT Communications
  • Call forwarding and diverts
  • Voicemail and on hold options

And there is so much more

  • Seamless integration with mobile phones, so you and your workforce can work remotely
  • Sophisticated team monitoring, so straightaway you can see who is logged on and/or available, saving you time and your customers frustrations as they get to talk to a person first time
  • Intelligent call forwarding and menu systems so customers can be directed to the right person first time for improved customer services

Without getting too ‘techy’ the SWYX system runs on an internet protocol (IP), which means you don’t have call charges, just a fixed monthly cost relating to the number of users or extensions you have. So whether you are calling locally, nationally, internationally or to mobiles your phone bill remains the same, enabling you to budget far more effectively (if only there was this option for all your utilities!)

Recently SWYX has brought out new features, which you may find useful. The two we are most excited about are

  • SWYX for MAC users. If you run your business using Apple Products, until recently SWYX would not have been an option, but now it is, allowing you to integrate your business and get the benefits and efficiencies that your Windows competitors have enjoyed
  • SWYX and Skype. Ever fancied having video calls with your colleagues and customers? With SWYX Skype application you can make a video call as easily as a voice-call, enabling effective virtual meetings and presentations.

If you are unsure if your communications system offers the features and benefits described above, contact us at HBT. We offer a no obligation review; where we will assess your current and potential needs against your existing systems and recommend options for your consideration.

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