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Keeping your Students and Staff Safe

As your teaching staff become to rely more on online resources it is important to have secure internet access in place without compromising on accessibility. Students need to be able to access the internet to carry out work and today one of the biggest challenges facing school IT departments is keeping students and networks safe from viruses and inappropriate websites.

There is the technology and expertise out there to support you and give you the control to implement a robust and manageable security system.

We have installed internet connections into many schools across the Midlands and rate internet security on a par with speed and connectivity. HBT works closely with our partners at WatchGuard, a specialty internet security company who has developed a comprehensive security package which balances the safety of students and staff without compromising the learning experience.

We feel it’s important when working with schools to liaise closely with your management team to identify any potential network risks and advise on the best tools to protect your school and your network whilst retaining acceptable use.

If you have any concerns about student safety in your school, please get in touch and we will be happy to offer advice and if possible, a visit to carry out a free security audit.

HBT Communications delivers IT and telecommunications solutions to schools and colleges across the Midlands.