IT and Computing

What price would you pay for a compromised computer network?

New security threats are emerging constantly and can originate from anywhere. These threats are appearing in different types from viruses to malware to trojans. Simple steps can be taken to make sure your business’s computer network is secure and safe; restrict the use of removable devices, installation of anti-virus software on every computer and encryption of sensitive company data.

Some businesses, mostly, small to medium lack the IT expertise or resources to deal with security threats, thus leaving their computer networks vulnerable to an array of viruses and theft or lost of data. Malicious attacks on computers and networks are hitting headlines all over the world making businesses lose revenue, compromising customer data and causing disruption to critical business functions.

Fortunately, there are effective and simple computer security solutions available and don’t require a lot of capital or attention. HBT Communications uses only the leading security providers such as Sophos and ESET NOD to ensure your computer network is robust against threats and your business integrity is not compromised.

Simply fill in your details and we’ll arrange for a Microsoft-Certified Engineer to examine every aspect of your business computer network and provide recommendations on how to protect your computer network.

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