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Covid Parents' Evening
Covid Parents’ Evening – Is Your School Prepared?
15th October 2020
WatchGuard Webinar
9th November 2020

Webinar: Secure Remote Working


Webinar: Secure Remote Working – Cyber threat protection for home and remote workers

In partnership with WatchGuard



With more of us now working remotely on home networks that are shared, security can be an issue. Unfortunately, home networks do not have the same level of security as corporate networks. This can compromise individuals without them being aware and ultimately impact the organisation.

Please join the webinar to find out if your company employee credentials are exposed on the dark web and to find out how to protect remote workers.



  • Cyber Threat Landscape – current cyber threats and challenges
  • Are You Exposed on the Dark Web? – find out if your company domain and employee credentials have been compromised
  • Extending the Network Perimeter to protect home and remote workers
  • Securing the Endpoint – Protection from Phishing and Ransomware attacks
  • Securing Remote Users and credentials with MFA
  • Best Practice Advice and considerations to protect remote workers.



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