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20th May 2021
Swyx and Teams
Swyx and Microsoft Teams
22nd June 2021

Swyxware Release 12.40 Available From 26 May 2021


Swyx releases SwyxWare 12.40 for on-premises installations.



Swyx releases SwyxWare 12.40 for on-premises installations.


Overview of the important changes:

  • Improvements in presence synchronization MS Teams => Swyx
    • Enhancement of the states that are synchronized
    • A call/presentation in MS Teams sets the busy state for calls and ECR
    • Problems with login status in connection with MS Teams Presence Sync are fixed


  • Feature Pack support for Yealink T5 phones
    • Support of Yealink T53, T53W, T54W and T57W in SwyxWare including Feature Pack support


  • Enhancements for operation with Yealink phones
    • Extended status signaling (Away, Busy, LogOff)
    • Caller ID suppression from SwyxIt!
    • DE keyboard layout (umlauts, ß)
    • VisualGroups support (VG 1.6.1089 required)


  • Swyx Messenger extensions
    • Search in contact lists for contacts in chats and groups
    • Popup Settings
    • Direct view of pictures in full-screen mode
    • Direct playback of multimedia files
    • Deletion of multimedia files


  • FAX Stack 
    • Replacement of the default FAX stack. We now use SpanDSP.
    • The old FAX stack is still supported and can be activated at any time


  • ECR Script API 
    • The script API has been extended with native web request support


For more information speak to your Account Manager or contact us on 02476 867422.

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