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23rd May 2022
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Omnichannel for Dental Practices

Omnichannel dentists

Managing your dental practice communications channels in one application


The dental sector has gone through a huge change and the pandemic highlighted the need for accelerated digitisation. With lockdowns and safety protocols restricting normal practice to a certain extent.


Dental healthcare is not only here to stay – but will also continue to grow in demand. In fact, a study by the Oral Health Foundation in the UK recently reported that the population below 35 years of age spend on average three times as much on dental healthcare than the national average.


Generation Z typically does not want to wait to book an appointment. Social media and other digital platforms are their first sources of information and methods of communication.



Integrate with your Dental Practice clinical systems

By integrating with your patient management solution, you can be informed about the customers journey whilst providing them with an exceptional service.


Our Dental practice IT solution enables Integration with your dental clinical systems:

  • Automatic screen-pops so you can instantly see who is calling without having to manually search
  • View patient records instantly so you are informed on where they are on their patient journey
  • Quicker return calls with click-to-dial negating the need for you to find the record and manually dialing.


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