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30th January 2023

Time is running out…

The ‘BT ISDN Switch Off’, will be a biggest shift in the way people make phone calls in the UK in recent history. The official switch […]
2nd November 2022

Meeting Digital and Technology Standards in Schools and Colleges

Meeting Digital and Technology Standards in Schools and Colleges   In March 2022 Ofsted launched new guidance for meeting digital and technology standards in schools and […]
26th February 2020

IntelligentAV from WatchGuard

IntelligentAV uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and block known and unknown malware. When IntelligentAV is enabled, Gateway AntiVirus uses two scan engines that […]
12th February 2020

Swyx Webinar

Materials from Swyx Webinar Feb 2020 Our Swyx Webinar took place on Thursday 6th Feb. We covered the following: 1. Introduction on HBT and Swyx 2. […]
22nd January 2020

Beware of the Ransombear

Does your business have the correct safeguards in place? With the growing Ransomware threat, it is fundamental your organisation understands how this can impact your organisation. […]
17th January 2020

Poor internet connectivity responsible for hampering SME productivity

A recent study conducted states small businesses could be losing out on two and a half working weeks a year from employees due to unreliable internet […]
17th January 2020

Reduce your risk with powerful, user-friendly multi-factor authentication

Passwords are insufficient Every day, cyber criminals use stolen credentials to access and infect systems or steal data. What’s most needed to reverse this trend is […]
16th January 2020

Understanding the Negative Impact of Traditional Phone Systems

Your traditional telecoms system could be killing your business – find out how a next-generation phone system can give you a competitive advantage. Gaining access to […]
27th November 2019
Windows 10

5 Reasons to upgrade to Windows 10

With Windows 7 support due to cease in 2020 your business could be open to security risks. Your business may not want to update to Windows 10 […]
20th November 2019

How connectivity is enabling better business for all

It’s no different for small-to-medium sized enterprises. All businesses are digital businesses now. Whether you sell handcarved tables or online services, you rely on digital technology […]
20th November 2019
Illuminate your Network Blind Spots

Illuminate your Network Blind Spots

If you can’t identify the source of a problem, it’s impossible to solve it. Poor network visibility is not only a big risk to your organisation’s […]
30th October 2019

Our Secure Wi-Fi + Your Business = Endless Opportunities

Our Secure Wi-Fi + Your Business = Endless Opportunities Technology has changed the way everyone does business. Organisations of all types and across all industries are […]
6th February 2019
Blood pressure monitor

Primary Care Networks – is your practice in good health?

In 2018, the UK celebrated 70 years of our wonderful NHS; a health service envied around the world, but one that is struggling to cope with […]
29th March 2016
VOIP Telephony

8 Reasons to upgrade your phone system to VOIP

VOIP provides businesses with a cost effective alternative to ISDN phone lines. It also offers flexibility and increased reliability. Unsure whether it’s the right time to […]
23rd February 2016

Take Advantage of Funding Opportunities to Improve your IT and Telecoms

In October 2015 the Government announced it was pulling the plug on the Super Connected Cities voucher scheme. HBT Communications takes a look at other funding […]