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23rd September 2020
Homeworking Babysitting

Are residential connections up to the strain of supporting homeworking in the long term?

With numbers of people now being asked to work from home regularly, inevitably making vastly increased usage of high-quality video services as well as video-on-demand, there […]
14th September 2020

Internet Explorer 11 – End of Life

Microsoft has announced its ending support for Internet Explorer 11 across its 365 apps and services in 2021. On 17 August 2021, the browser will no longer be supported […]
14th September 2020
Dark Web Scanner

Dark Web Scanner

Hackers are constantly finding ways to steal personal data Stolen sensitive information like email accounts (username and passwords), ends up for sale in one of the […]
11th September 2020
Work from home

Remote working: What you need to know

The world seems very different than it did in January. Ever since the lockdown started on March 23rd, the entire economy has found significant challenges in […]
4th September 2020
Cutting costs

As homeworking is set to stay, business-grade connections for remote staff could be the answer to cutting costs and excelling in the ‘new normal’

UK businesses have adapted enormously since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Almost overnight, they were forced to send workforces home and establish new remote working protocols. So […]
19th August 2020


We are currently navigating through what everyone is calling the “New Normal” be this at home, leisure and work.   One thing Covid has done has […]
3rd August 2020
Threat Lansdcape

The 2020 Threat Landscape: How Prepared Are You?

With the overnight growth of remote workers, IT departments are under pressure to ensure systems are secure and safe against any type of cyber attacks. This […]
9th June 2020
Team video

Welcome to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork bringing together people, conversations and content – along with the tools that teams need – giving you the complete […]
1st June 2020

Microsoft 365 Backup – Are you backed up?

Microsoft 365 is a popular platform on the market today, with the recent lockdown Teams itself has grown by 44 million users. According to Microsoft’s FY20 […]
1st June 2020

Security and Continuity Planning

We face risks in cybersecurity every day. However, one of the challenges of enabling a mobile workforce is that the chances of being the subject of […]
4th May 2020
HBT Soft Phone

Panasonic Mobile Softphone

  Panasonic Mobile Softphone is an application that brings audio and visual communication together in your mobile device. You can use your smartphone or tablet as […]
4th May 2020
Remote worker

Patch Management with a Remote Workforce

Data suggests that the move to remote work has caused a growing number of headaches for security teams, securing remote systems and maintaining up-to-date software through […]
30th April 2020
Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Give Microsoft Teams a Voice

Many businesses utilising Microsoft Teams for internal collaboration can now benefit from the ability to make and receive calls by enabling Teams as a full cloud-based […]
21st April 2020

You’re Only One Weak Password Away From A Breach

…. And even your “complicated” passwords can be cracked. Passwords are simply no longer enough to keep your assets, accounts, and information secure. Here’s some evidence […]
6th April 2020
Home Connectivity

Importance of Having the Right Connectivity at Home

Many of us will be experiencing slower overall speeds in the wake of the pandemic. This is primarily due to the swath of people who are […]