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Solicitors Upgrade Phone System to Address Missed Calls and Missed Revenue

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9th December 2018
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9th December 2018

The Problem

Brindley Twist Tafft & James (BTTJ) with offices in Birmingham and Coventry is a long established Solicitors’ practice. The company is committed to providing a comprehensive range of legal services to individuals and businesses which are efficient, effective and affordable. BTTJ provides its clients with a high quality legal service and makes a considerable investment on training staff to ensure that it is constantly setting the pace in client care. The existing phone system was coming to the end of its lease, and because they’d had it for over five years it was unable to cope with the increased volume of calls they were now receiving, typically 300-400 per day. This meant we were potentially missing between 15-20 client calls every week. In addition, the company lacked other functionality such as Auto Attendant, ability to route calls between the different sites or transfer directly to fee-earners.

In Summary

Key Features and Benefits – Not losing customers and not losing money.

Apart from the additional features and flexibility, the key benefit of the new phone system is that BTTJ are no longer missing calls. Using a combination of auto attendant, call queuing, call routing and voice mail, they are now capturing ALL calls and therefore maximising the opportunities of new enquiries. They are also now able to provide a much better service for new and existing customers, ensuring that calls are answered and transferred to the appropriate person. In particular the voice mail is delivered as a WAV file and can be picked up via an individual’s email, so wherever someone is, they can respond to clients as soon as possible. They are also now able to fast-track important calls to the relevant individuals. Another feature that HBT has introduced is the system directory which allows staff to make calls to hundreds of clients, by simply dialling the first three digits. The advantage of using someone like HBT is that they can offer advice about all aspects of telephony. For instance they have put in gateway so that all calls to mobiles go via GSM network, which means they cost the same as if they were going to a landline.

BTTJ are shortly going to take advantage of the call recording facility within the new phone system, which is important because these can be used as proof of conversations either for ‘evidence’ and/or billing purposes.

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The Solution

HBT recommended that BTTJ upgrade to the latest KX-TDE200 Panasonic system at both their Coventry and Birmingham sites. An upgraded Panasonic phone system that could be programmed in-house. Their staff required just required a day’s worth of training and the comments from them were that they ‘barely noticed the difference’. This was a result that BTTJ were looking for, because it had caused little disruption and they now had all the features they needed from the phone system. Within three months of using the system they saw a massive difference.


We would highly recommend HBT to any company that wants the peace of mind of a reliable phone system that has all the features you need and the flexibility to make changes yourself without relying on a third party. They are always at the end of the line for support or advice, you put a call in and 20 minutes later it’s done.

Mark Acton, IT Manager at Brindley Twist Tafft & James