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10th July 2018
Email Security Matters More Than Ever

Email Security Matters More Than Ever

Email is the lifeblood of businesses and the No 1 target for cyber attacks – if your email goes down, your business does too. HBT Communications […]
20th March 2018
There are many reasons your business can keep you awake at night

There are many reasons your business can keep you awake at night…

Don’t let your phone system be one of them… Are you frustrated by high phone bills that keep changing each month, making it hard for you […]
9th March 2018
2500 Funding

Is Your Business Eligible for Funding?

£3000 from the Government to upgrade your internet connection to ultra-fast.  Is your business eligible for £3000? As an ultra-fast business you will benefit from: • […]
2nd March 2018
GDPR the end of BYOD?

GDPR the end of BYOD?

How many of your employees use their personal mobile or tablet to access your business systems and their business emails? Do you know what protection is […]
19th February 2018
Zamurad and Ajmal Hussain on phone

Happy 30th Birthday to us and a look back on how things have changed.

A birthday is always an appropriate time to reflect and look back at how things have changed over the years. HBT Communications based in Coventry celebrates […]
22nd January 2018

HBT Gains Cyber Essentials Certificate

We are proud to announce we have just been awarded our Cyber Essentials certificate. Cyber Essentials is a Government scheme introduced to help businesses of all […]
16th January 2018

Is your Business on the Move in 2020? 

Whether you are expanding into new premises, setting up in new locations or making any major changes to your business, business telecoms continuity during a time […]
16th January 2018

Broadband v Ethernet – The Business Buyer’s Guide

Today, internet connectivity plays a pivotal role in the life of the typical SME. Email has changed the way businesses communicate. Ecommerce is transforming how businesses […]
11th January 2018

How Security Savvy is Your Business?

Remember the old saying ‘don’t assume’ (it makes an ass out of u and me)?  Are you making assumptions about cyber security in your business? It […]
15th December 2017
Social media at work

HBT – Social Media in the Office; Productivity Gain or Drain?

We all do it, check our social media feeds at work.  The question is; does it help or hinder our productivity? There have been some studies […]
24th November 2017
Lock poster

GDPR a project for today or a process to take your business into the future?

GDPR, is coming on 25 May 2018.  It may affect how you do business in the UK, Europe and globally. HBT, your partners in data security, […]
20th November 2017
The HBT Story

The HBT Story

HBT Communications is one of Coventry’s longest established Telecoms and IT Providers. Established in 1988 by brothers Zamurad and Ajmal Hussain, the business has grown to […]
6th November 2017

The Who, What and Why of Cyber Security!

Cyber Security is a buzz word in the UK business world right now and one that we recommend you take very seriously. But who are these […]
3rd November 2017

Don’t Get Caught out by Phishing Emails

Following our recent security post about an Amazon phishing email currently doing the rounds, we have been inundated with questions from business owners about how they […]
14th July 2017

Can your business afford to ignore this?

Are you starting to feel overwhelmed by your IT and data management? Cyber security threats, new regulations and legislation, the risk of hefty fines or data […]