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Connecting businesses to ultrafast connectivity

The business world is evolving. Technology is at the heart of this evolution and the driving force is gigabit capable, full fibre connectivity. As the Government promises 100% Gigabit capability by 2025, we are playing a key role in this vision with the rollout of our Faster Britain network across the UK. A Faster Britain-enabled area will provide full fibre and access to ultrafast connectivity, supporting cloud-enabled and future proof technologies.

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The Background

As the UK Government promises 85% Gigabit capability by 2025, many copper-based broadband systems used by businesses across Britain will soon begin to be effectively cut off. Whilst FTTC was seen as ground-breaking at the time, offering speeds up to 300Mbps, today the ‘superfast’ of FTTC has been seriously overtaken by Ultrafast (300Mbps+) and now Gigafast (speeds of up to 1Gbps).

What does this all mean?

What all this means is that, in order to function and excel, each and every business - regardless of size or status - will need to make the switch to a superior solution offering Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) connectivity.

Next Steps!

The next step is to look at a provider who can best accommodate your business’ connectivity priorities, whether this be focused on pricing, speeds, or support, there’s a vast range of packages and providers out there to choose from. Additionally, another crucial factor in your decision process should be around the network on which your connectivity is provided, such as the Faster Britain network,

Why Faster Britain is different to the rest?

Here are a few reasons why Faster Britain connectivity is different to the rest:
✓ Faster Britain is an open access wholesale network. This delivers choice. With more than 300 Faster Britain partners, you can access a range of business connectivity, IT and cloud services, as well as specialist partners with industry specific solutions.

✓ We’re not a big faceless corporation. It is this personal touch that really sets us apart. It means that our partners, your service provider, can get hold of us when they need to, and we can make sure everything is ticking along nicely – from placing the order, to getting you connected, to business as usual. And if something goes wrong, we act quickly. We believe that customer service and communication is as important as service delivery.

✓ To keep it simple, we can switch your existing service to run over our Faster Britain networks – hassle free

✓ We install customers to out network quicker than the industry norm

✓ We can also design bespoke solutions if an ‘off the shelf’ service doesn’t give you what you need. We have the ‘commercial flexibility’ to work with you.

✓ Unlike other operators, we want to make the experience of consuming connectivity simple and straightforward. We use the latest technology which is easy to scale when you need even more connectivity umpf.

Resisting the Change - The impact of poor connectivity

Put simply, if your connectivity is slow and unreliable, your business is slow and unreliable. Even if you’ve made the switch from copper to fibre, if it’s not full fibre, you will more than likely still struggle with speed and reliability when it comes to running applications requiring heavy bandwidth. Many of the processes that keep your business alive could still be being carried out over a copper-based broadband service via ADSL or FTTC (often mis-named as fibre broadband or superfast broadband). The use of copper has been proven over time to be unreliable as a method to transmit data. Generally speaking, the longer the cable, the worse the signal

How can we help you?

HBT Communications have been in the communications sector since 1988 and cover all of the UK. Our support team are based centrally from our Coventry Head Office and our consultants have over 60 years combined experience in delivering the best of breed solutions and ensuring that these are delivered in the most cost effective way. We would like the opportunity to offer our advice and demonstrate the benefits and savings that can be achieved; the new IP network will enhance your business and in turn provide cost savings.
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